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England’s 14 Green Belts cover more than a tenth (13%) of the land, and provide a breath of fresh air for 30 million people. Altogether, 60% of the population lives in the urban areas within Green Belt boundaries while many others visit the Green Belt every day.

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We all use and value the Green Belt in different ways. We need to show the Government how important it is to us and why it needs better protection.

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3rd August 2015 is the 60th anniversary of the Green Belt becoming Government policy and we have created this website to share Green Belt stories.

We want you to send us photos and videos shot in the Green Belt, creative works inspired by it or just simply tell us what it means to you. We also want to hear from local groups who are campaigning to save their Green Belt – we would love to share your hard work and, we hope, successes.

Share what #ourgreenbelt means to you by sending your stories, creative works, photos and videos to us using the form below (if you would like to send us larger attachments, please note this in the form and we will let you know how to send these to us). Use the Browse button to attach files from your computer.

We will add them to the #ourgreenbelt wall to help us show the Government how much it is valued and why it needs better protection.

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